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  • This is for all the girls (and guys and everyone in between) who stand out at team meetings. For the brown bodies whose very presence in their office is a silent act of protest. For those whose professional surroundings are pale and male. We’re here to help you unwind after a long day. We’re your workplace wokebaes. We’re your happy hour squad and your watercooler convo crew. We promise to always serve it straight, on the rocks, no chaser. We will never take ourselves too serious because we’re just starting out in this biz, we’re not the experts. We will always keep it classy because back-biting is for basic bitches. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU, BORROWED INTEREST AND ALL.



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14 Bottle Service (MAMA I MADE IT)

This week is our last episode of the season! We get lit in the studio, answer your questions and get into the most important discussion of the season: our favorite Beyoncé songs. It’s been a journey, we love y’all and will be back soon for season 2!

13 Taglining a Movement (KEEP YA HEAD UP)

This week we talk about how effective advertising techniques have helped (or hindered) social justice movements from We Are the 99% to Black Lives Matter. We also talk to Black Twitter matriarch, #oscarssowhite, #wocaffirmation and #noconfederate creator, April Reign (@ReignOfApril).

12 A Tale Of Two Ad Cities (THE STRUGGLE)

This week we get real and raw while discussing the difficulties of living in the Caucasian meccas of Minneapolis, and it’s pale sister city, Portland. We also discuss white life survival strategies with Soleil Ho (@hooleil) and Dez Ramirez of @onshegoes. Shoutout to Racist Sandwich and On She Goes for letting us borrow these queens for our chat.

11 Who Do You Know Here? (THE SUNKEN PLACE)

This week we beef over who works harder on creative teams (copywriters, duh) plus talk all things networking with The Coven Queen Alex Steinman (@stronglikemama_).

10 My Culture Is Too Big For A Post-It (THE PETTY AWARDS)

This week we shoot the shit and talk smack about ads that failed to impress with misrepresentation, cultural appropriation or just being wack. Experience our side eyes as we watch ads and discuss their wider cultural impact.

09 Mental Health (I TRIED TO DRINK IT AWAY)

This week we talk all things mental health! We have an honest discussion about our mental health issues and what we’re doing for #selfcare. We also chat with wellness expert/brand consultant/neuroscientist/queen Nkechi Njaka (@NkechiNjaka). She gave us ways to stay sane in a cray cray industry.
Content warning: this episode contains discussion of eating disorders, depression and substance abuse.


This week Leeya gives us all the tea on the 3% conference and chats with #bossbae Cindy Gallop (@cindygallop) about sexual assault in the advertising industry and doing shit you have no experience doing.

07 Difficult Women (HBIC)

This week we get into the ups and downs of being labelled a difficult woman aka an angry black woman aka a woman. We chat with Black Twitter queen/PR powerhouse Alexis Wilson about white feminism and being the lone black lady at your company.
Also, if you’re not following Alexis on Twitter, you should, she’s @sassyblackdiva. Don’t be out here looking a fool like those folks who don’t click “reply all” on group emails, cause that’s what not following Alexis is like and we’re just looking out for y’all.

Black Twitter Is Real (IT'S LIT) :15

BONUS EPISODE, BABY! We couldn’t get enough of talking tech last week so we caught up with product designer Jordan Obi, to chat about music startups, impressing teens with his dreads and the existence of black twitter.

06 The Start Up Episode (ISSA LIVE SHOW)

This week we get rowdy in our first live show for Twin Cities Start Up Week!
We caught up with Mondo Davison (@TheBlackTechGuy) aka dopest founder ever to find out what the fuck a start up even is. We also played the best game of Low Hanging Fruit ’cause the questions got turned on us *Creepy Eyebrows Gif*

05 Reclaiming My Time (FREE 99)

This week we chat with dope human Wale Agboola (@wa.deen) about the ins and outs of pro-bono work. We’re all for giving back to the community but how we do that while still valuing our skills + time? Find out in this episode.
This week we’re also joined by our freelance host Imani! Thanks for making this episode extra extra special.

04 Where Are All the Black People? (BRING EM OUT, BRING EM OUT)

This week Shareina heads to the Here Are All the Black People in NYC. We chat briefly about barriers to entry into advertising plus listen to highlights from interviews she did with some really dope folks at the event. We also finally get an answer to the elusive question: where are all the black people?
Shout out to our fabulous guests:  
Jeremy Hodges, @projectartcollective  
Alex Hardy (definitely check out his podcast, The Extraordinary Negroes), @coloredboy  
Tiffany Edwards, @Tiffywiffy530  
Neisha Tweed Bell,  
Vann Graves,  

Scrub-A-Dub-Don't (FOR REAL THO) :15

In light of the recent Dove social ad scandal, we had to hop on the phone for a :15. We have a frank discussion about our reactions to the ad and look back at other ads that “missed the mark”.
Get woke and stay woke loves.


This week we talk all things mentorship! How to be a mentor, how to get a mentor + how to propose mentorship.
We also have our freelance co-host Imani James in the house! Huge shout out to our mentors Barbara Wiener, Joanne Torres and Monique Thomas for helping us find our shine.

02 First Impressions (WHO DIS)

Welcome to Borrowed Interest Season 1!

We are your #workplacewokebaes, Leeya, Shareina + Amalia. In this episode we discuss how we got started in advertising and how we got to where we are today.


01 Coming Soon (STAY READY)


A little sneak peek at the season to come.




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We are Borrowed Interest!

An advertising podcast hosted by three ad-women of color, kicking it in the ad business and working it all out with thoughtful discussions, screams and laughter. We’re your workplace wokebaes with something to say, so listen up.

Leeya’s career started where many careers begin: a Google search. A humble Google search led Leeya from artist to art director and to Minneapolis from her native Detroit. She’s also a faithful member of the Beyhive and an expert desk dancer.

Shareina is always writing something. Sometimes catchy headlines, occasionally she writes amusing emails, but she’s often writing about brunch (or thinking about it). When not writing, Shareina can be found contemplating the deeper meaning of thug life.

Amalia likes making things happen; either cool ads or kicking podcasts, Amalia has the spreadsheet to make it happen. She’s also been critically discussing the creative and cultural contribution of the movie White Chicks since 2004.
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