Pou is a very famous application , it is a virtual pet that has to be taken care of, with all that this entails. You must do tasks such as bathing, feeding, entertaining, among other things. If these games are to your liking, then you must understand that in order to do the tasks, the mechanics of the video game require coins. This is when this important tool comes in, that’s why we highlight the relevance of having infinite money in Pou. It is one of the most fun Android and iOS platform games right now.

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  1. What is the game of Pou in which the most money is won?
  2. How can I get infinite money in Pou?
    1. Trick to earn more money in the Pou game
    2. How to level up pou quickly
    3. How to recover Pou after formatting mobile

What is the game of Pou in which the most money is won?

To download the official Pou game from the Google Play Store it will take us a few seconds, it will only start the download by pressing the green button that indicates “Install”.

As a general rule, it is children who play this type of video game. For this reason, the application emits sounds to capture the attention of the owner. You must remember that whenever you need money, and you cannot be at all times taking care of the pet, you can tell a partner to do the tasks for you . This is a perk that will allow you to get some infinite coins.

To finish, remember that the last option, but always reliable, is to take real money out of our pocket. Although in thousands of cases it may be a problem because most of the people who play this are children and do not have how to do it. So we recommend that if you have the time you dedicate the necessary time and you will get infinite coins. But if you don’t have it, buy in the app and solve the problem quickly.

Pou offers you a wide variety of mini-games such as Food Drop, Connect, Pou Sounds, Goal or Sky Jump, among others. Because these offer you rewards for passing levels, you can get infinite Coins from them.

One of the best options to amass Infinite Money is Match Tap, because it is one of the easiest modes and also one of those that offers infinite coins and all this without downloading strange programs.

If these minigames are difficult for you, one of the best tricks for pou that we can offer you if you want to get infinite coins is to bet on minigames like Free Fall. This game offers you a source of infinite money and without demanding too much time playing . Another of the options that are a well of infinite money is Find Pou and the last one that we will recommend is Memory.

If you don’t want to spend so much time on mini-games, there are other tricks with this game, as is the case with most iOS and Android games. So if you want to be informed below we will give you the best tips if you are looking to get infinite coins on your Pou for PC, mobile or tablet without downloading any APK or suspicious programs.

How can I get infinite money in Pou?

We are going to show you how to have infinite money in this wonderful application. In this sense you can do everything you want , without any problem. Since we are very clear that coins are a fundamental part. Because, to be able to do basic tasks with the pet, get goods of all kinds in the game. That is why we must understand that we need large amounts of coins.

The money in this application is getting progressively on a daily basis, so you can collect infinite coins. It is with the amount of accumulated money that we can acquire some objects, clothes, food, accessories of all kinds, among others.

Trick to earn more money in the Pou game

There are some tricks to get a good amount of infinite money in Pou. It is as simple as carrying out any task in Pou, so you have to bathe him as soon as you can in this way to get all the money available in this way. As you will notice, this can be achieved without downloading any strange programs or software on Android or iOS.

The last of the tricks to get infinite coins is to keep the application in the background . This with the fundamental idea that the money is accumulating, and it will serve to collect it without further ado, of course we can then spend it as you please.

How to level up pou quickly

There is a trick to increase Pou’s level fairly quickly . The secret is to accelerate the metabolism of your virtual pet, you just have to follow these steps:

First feed Pou until she is very fat and no longer hungry. Then she goes to the lab and buys some Fat Burner potions. She give her the option for her to lose weight and regain her appetite. Finally, go back to step 1. You will see that your virtual pet Pou will level up quickly without downloading viruses.

How to recover Pou after formatting mobile

If your mobile for some reason is lost, if you format your phone, or if its memory is erased, or if you accidentally delete the game. You can always collect all your progress , unlocked items and Pou levels as if it never happened.

The only requirement for this is that you must first baptize your Pou. If you have not given your Pou a nickname, you will not be able to restore your Pou. If your Pou has a name, it means I already linked to your email address and you know your password. So when you start a new Pou game on another smartphone for the first time, all you need to do is log in to Pou with your email address and password and enter the “Account” option in the game.

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